So, for employers (employment/work providers) and workers/contractors alike, to begin the process, in a brief statement tell us about your business and the business or services or work experience and skills you provide. We’ve made it so the My Town Workforce profile is easy and quick to fill out…for both employers and workers!

Next, upload photos of your company or yourself, and of previous projects or jobs you have had.

Just remember, the customer (company/employer) decides who they want to hire or contract with. And once the negotiations of the project are completed, the customer sends the negotiated price to My Town Workforce. And we get the job immediately moving forward!

Now list the tools in your toolbox. Let us know if you have the necessary tools workers need to get the job done. Or if you, the worker, have the tools to bring to the job and use.

Once your profile is completed and to your satisfaction, members and visitors of My Town Workforce will be able to view your profile and discover you! And you can also share your profile with anyone throughout social media platforms and sites.

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