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Our Leadership

Christopher Menchaca


Chris has been a self-made inventor, entrepreneur, and eclectic problem-solver since early adolescence. He is well versed in circuit board engineering, home design and construction, technology improvement devices, business operations, the employment sector, and the restaurant industry. 

Chris’ passion and purpose lies in solving the problems of today in order to create a better tomorrow, focusing on design, function, and benefit for all. MyTown Workforce began as one of Chris’ ideas, and he is dedicated to applying his expertise to take the industry by storm.

Oni Vitandham

VP Co-founder

Oni’s story is one of the most unique ever to be shared. She was raised by her godparents while in hiding during the war-ravaged years of the Khmer Rouge, and credits them for teaching and raising her into the woman she became. Finding sanctuary in America, Oni has flourished. 

She began her entrepreneurship journey in 1993, and has since become a published author. Oni has founded 3 personal companies in the health and wellness industries, and is looking forward to applying her knowledge and experience to MyTown Workforce.

Courtney Frickman​

Courtney Frickman


As a recent college graduate, Courtney has spent countless hours studying and implementing new business techniques and is completely dedicated to growth in all areas of her life. Her background is in the hospitality industry, and she feels most fulfilled when serving others. 

An empathetic leader, Courtney’s main strengths of organization and problem solving serve her well in effectively and efficiently working with the MyTown Workforce team to provide a solution to service provider’s everywhere.

Emma Maiden


Emma has over 6 years of communication and marketing experience, and her passion lies with video editing and graphic design. Emma has produced and delegated for TEDx events, and never fails to deliver uniquely brilliant content. 

From promotional videos to social media posts, Emma maintains the community aesthetic of MyTown Workforce. She believes that a team’s power is greater than the sum of its parts, and MTW is no exception. Emma is excited to continue creating content for a pragmatic and significant brand.

Michael Kennedy


Prior to joining MyTown Workforce, Michael held various positions at the senior executive accounting level with various entities as well as accounting firms including Ernst & Young, LLP and PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. 

He has worked in the assurance practice with both private and public clients in various industries including manufacturing, minerals, pharmaceutical, professional services, retail, and software. Additionally, he has experience in the tax practice of a Washington, DC area firm, specializing in closely held private companies.

Nate Mandel

Technical Co-founder

I have a deep appreciation for startup methodology and actively work to implement its principles across all business that I conduct and/or consult. My organizational prowess and operational expertise allow me to help businesses do business better and in a more organized fashion. 

As CEO of WeFoundd and with a keen understanding of the design, development and marketing landscape I have set out to pioneer new paths of efficiency to help our portfolio companies get off the ground with minimal friction and maximum education.