Here at My Town Workforce we believe a business should be in business for more than just to make money and profit and see their bottom line continually grow. Providing opportunity and professional growth to others and contributing to the community is integral to what My Town Workforce is about and why we’re in business!

In short, My Town Workforce is in business to provide work and employment opportunities for freelance workers and independent contractors (including students, moonlighters and stay-at-home moms), and to match these talented individuals with businesses and employers who need freelancers and their services on a day-to-day or long-term basis.

Our mission is to successfully accomplish this on a regular basis as well as share and donate a portion of our company’s profits to noble causes and community programs that professionally and socially benefit people from all walks of life wherever and whenever possible.



Today, more people than ever, including students and stay-at-home moms, work as freelancers, moonlighters and independent contractors for themselves.

They are workers whose diverse services and quick availability are needed by small businesses and numerous employers everywhere.

So, there’s money to be earned and no time to waste. Freelancers need to find work and employers need to find freelancers immediately. Thus, welcome to My Town Workforce! We provide freelancers and contractors the resources they need to find and obtain the work they seek.

Here, we list the businesses and employers who need your services! And we help businesses and employers find the talented help they need!

Simply visit our website here. It’s convenient and available 24/7 to everyone who joins My Town Workforce!